1. Products

Where do your products come from?

We hunt for pieces everywhere you can imagine and in many places you cannot... Markets, auctions, wholesalers, bazaars in France and Europe. Our treasures are all sourced by Charlie. Each piece is unique and has already been loved and worn.

How do you select your products?

We believe the quality is the most important part of our clothes. This is why we spend hours hunting for THE good fabric. We pick natural fabrics as much as we can - Silk, wool, cotton, cashmere, leather - with a constant concern for quality and longevity. When we allow ourselves some synthetic, it’s precisely because it strengthens the fabric, making it warmer, smoother or more elastic. And sometimes it’s only a matter of love. We don’t know why, we just fall in love with one piece: natural or synthetic but, it’s always for life.

Those treasures all pass through our hands and, believe us or not, they are handled with the utmost care : we mend them, wash them, disinfect them, iron them...

How do you size the products?

We review each product in order to determine what size they are in today's measures, because sizes indicated on vintage garments may still not be relevant today. For each product, we give you several sizes which correspond to various styles: from a close to a loose cut.
Contact the Customer Love at thevintagecharlie@gmail.com if you need any extra information for an item.

Is it possible to try before buying?

If you are in Paris, definitely! We don’t have any physical shop yet but we’d love to meet you and show you the products you like in our offices (by appointment only).
Contact Customer Love at thevintagecharlie@gmail.com to set up an appointment. Free coffee and tea at your arrival :)

How do I make sure the product is still available?

As all our items are unique, we operate on a first-come first-served basis. You can only be ensured the product is yours once the payment has gone through.
If you have missed out on one item, please hit up Customer Love, we will try to find you another one!

In what condition are your products?

Condition varies across our collection, and falls within the three classifications below. Any significant imperfections on the product are pictured and/or listed.

  • Perfect: It looks like the item has never been loved before. Yes, it’s in mint condition!

  • Almost perfect: The item has met someone but you probably won’t notice it.

  • Good: The item has been loved in its previous life. Significant imperfections are visible.


Which products have been reworked?

With Charlie, it’s all about using existing products, reworked or not, to create new outfits.
Part of what we offer is curated vintage. The other part has been reworked by our team to find the perfect fit. We label these ones with a “Reworked” banner on the product name. We rework some pieces with high potential, the ones which deserve to be developed even further. No waistline underlined, trousers cut too long, outdated colours... We believe we can make beautiful designs out of vintage-outdated-or-whatever clothes. Designs that you won’t cycle through it the next time you look through your closet. 

The idea is actually very simple: rework existing pieces to resurrect them. Old clothes look better on you than they do thrown away or incinerated. Just saying.

When do you have new products?

We have a drop of new products every 2 weeks. If you want to be alerted, subscribe to our newsletter - website footer - or/and follow us on Instagram (@shop__charlie).

Can I make a special request for something?

Please do! Just contact us explaining what you are looking for and your preferred size or colour, as well as your budget, and the time frame in which you would like to receive the product. Charlie will be on the lookout. We will contact you as soon as we find or rework something that satisfies your request :)

What is "Le Labo"?

Our workplace, our creation space, our reflexion room, our chamber of dreams! It’s also the place to meet & chat, try and return clothes or even to pick-up your purchase.

2. Orders

How do I know my order has been validated?

Easy one. Once your payment has been validated, you receive a confirmation email to the email address you gave during your order.


When will I receive my order?

The delivery delay depends on the option you choose.


  • Option 1 - Right away

And we offer you coffee & tea - definitely the best option! You come to our office in Paris (9th arrondissement) to pick up your new baby(ies). We only need to set up a moment together.

  • Option 2 - In a few days

We use Colissimo and you can either receive it at the place of your choice or at a Mondial Relay.

All orders made between Monday and Wednesday are sent on Thursdays and all orders made between Thursday and Sunday are sent on Mondays. Basically, we take 1 to 3 days to send you your order so you will receive it in 3 to 5 days - don’t be too hard on us, we’d love to send you your order directly but we are only starting and trying hard to optimise our processes. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been sent.


Find your closest Mondial Relay here.

Nota Bene:  Home delivery is the only delivery method available for the following countries: for Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria and Portugal.

But where do you deliver?

We currently only deliver in France and several European countries which are: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg and Belgium. We are looking to expand shipping in the future, so hold tight if you’re in a different country! Or move, because we hear France is nice this time of year (very rainy)


Sore point - what is the cost of my delivery?

It depends on the type of delivery you select.:

  • Option 1: pick-up at our office - it’s free

  • Option 2: Colissimo at home - 5€

  • Option 3: Mondial Relay - 3€



Deliveries are free above 175€. We know it’s painful to pay for delivery, so as soon as we can we will make them free.


Is the return free?

Yes Madam. You have 14 days after the reception of your order to change your mind.


How do I make a return?

  1. Contact us at Customer Love at thevintagecharlie@gmail.com indicating your first name, last name and order number. Please also indicate why you are sending it back, it will help us improve our collection :)

  2. We will then send you a prepaid label by email.

  3. Choose a standardised parcel from the post office or even better, reuse the carton in which the products were sent in. Place the products inside their original packaging, with Mondial Relay to send us the parcel back.

  4. Your refund will be credited via the original form of payment used to make the purchase, once we receive the parcel. We will let you know as soon as it's back with us, and you will be refunded within 14 days after the reception of your parcel.


What kind of payments are allowed?

Payments on our site can either be made by Bank card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)